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June 19, 2013 / submitted by Carolina, Mexico
Q.  Hola, Hallo, Hello Oracle!
I know this is one of the most stupid questions ever, but I have curiosity to know.. Where does Chris gets his haircut? I love it! I know I'm a girl, but maybe I go on a trip to London and I decide to get a haircut, and then when I have my amazing haircut I will say I got it where Chris Martin goes! Hahahaha.
Please reply, even if you don't know!
Greetings and Cheers from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!
Ps: I'm very glad Chris Martin's Mylo Xyloto hairstyle came back, he looks so hot in it! Take Care Oracle.

I prefer the long hair look too - he usually grows it after a tour.
Anyway, as far as I am aware, his hairdresser - I have totally forgotten her name - comes to the studio and cuts his hair there.
I don't think she works in a salon...

June 11, 2013 / submitted by Petra, United Kingdom
Q.  When and where was Chris performing this acoustic gig? It looks pretty recent to me.

Indeed it was. Chris performed (with Davide Rossi) last Thursday (6 June) in London at a private charity dinner in support of the Ecology Trust and the Aspinall Foundation.

The setlist was:
Viva La Vida
Fix You (barely a minute before Chris ended it)
Walking on the Moon (The Police cover)
Night and Day (Cole Porter cover)

June 4, 2013 / submitted by Celine, Australia
Q.  I read somewhere that Chris sang Dry Your Eyes with The Streets but this version was never released because Chris wasn't happy with his voice in it. Is this true and if so can you elaborate on why? Really curious about this because I can't imagine him ever sounding anything but fantastic. Thanks for your time

Ooh look! 2 Celines in one day from different corners of the world.

Chris did record Dry Your Eyes with The Streets but the reason it was never released has nothing to do with how Chris' voice sounded. It sounded great! I prefer it to the released version personally.

Sometimes labels have objections to collaborations - nothing too political or sinister just varying reasons to do with exposure, schedules, other releases etc.
It's more a question for the The Streets label rather than Coldplay's...

June 3, 2013 / submitted by Graeme, United Kingdom
Q.  Hi I was at the Manchester concert and Chris kept saying Ashley Grey. Who is he or she? Thx.

Can you believe that's a year ago next week? Wow, how the time has flown by!
There is no Ashley Grey. He wasn't saying Ash are great either. Chris was channelling his inner rapper saying "that sh*t cray". I assume that cray means crazy but then I am more suburbs rather than urban...

May 21, 2013 / submitted by Sandy, Brazil
Q.  So... is this the new haircut Chris?

Yes this video shows his current style. It was filmed last Thursday (16th May) in fact.

May 20, 2013 / submitted by Loreto, Chile
Q.  Hi Oracle!, I found this cover of Life Is For Living and I swear this man sounds almost identical to Chris! What do you think?.

If they ever bring back Stars In Their Eyes*, this guy has to mimic Chris. That is uncanny.
I would have thought it was Chris if not for the odd phrasing and pronunciation. He could have a great career as a tribute act.

*There was another Neil Diamond impersonator on the show who was brilliant - Gary Ryan.

April 29, 2013 / submitted by Marie, United States of America
Q.  Well hello there, All-knowing Oracle.
I have a horrible cold right now and I am in a musical. It is nearly impossible to sing well. Then it occurred to me that Coldplay goes on tour for a loooong time and has to deliver a great show nearly every night at the tour's peak. How does Chris keep his voice in perfect condition?! Does he ever get sick? I've seen them 4 times and he was phenomenal every time. Just curious...

Chris does sometimes get sick but he does whatever he can to prevent that from happening and looks after his voice as much as possible.
Various before and after show regimes include: not speaking, ginger, lemon & honey drinks, wearing a scarf with something similar to tiger balm on it, throat remedies and certain lozenges, vocal warm-ups, steam machines and after the show he sits in a steam room.
Obviously when he is sick he seeks medical attention and follows whatever is advised / prescribed.

April 22, 2013 / submitted by Mike, United Kingdom
Q.  Does Chris have any foto with Billie Joe from Green Day? Thank you Oracle :)

UPDATE: Ta-da! This is NOT the photo I had in mind but that's the two of them together as asked. I reckon a fan took this photo at a festival or something. Thanks to Daniela for the link.

I don't think there's a photo just of the two of them - not to my knowledge. I have seen footage from an awards ceremony though - I'm thinking Grammys - where Coldplay & Green Day were sat one row apart. I'm pretty sure there will be an image of this somewhere or perhaps a video. I can't find one but it will exist.
This ties very nicely into one of today's previous questions... I will be able to come back and edit this post when I get photographic evidence.

April 8, 2013 / submitted by Alfredo, Argentina
Q.  Hi Oracle!
A few days ago I heard a rumour that said that Chris Martin suffers tinnitus, a disease that causes the person that has it hear noises, like hum or hisses.
Is is true or is it just a rumour?
I'm eagerly waiting for you to answer this question.
Thank you for your time.

It's not a rumour, Chris does suffer with tinnitus. It's not a disease though, it's usually as a result of being subjected to loud music.
There are varying degrees - I get it frequently but I don't suffer and it passes quickly. Some cases are so severe that the sensation is constant.
Chris spoke out to raise awareness for this very common condition.

March 26, 2013 / submitted by Shaikah, Saudi Arabia
Q.  Hey I'm big fan of Coldplay in twitter A/Q that was done few months ago. Chris mentioned that falconry - not sure if it is the right word, was one of his hobbies. It also my husband favorite hobby. I really loved to see picture of Chris with his falcon or practicing his hobby? And what they really hunt in England?
Do they hunt buzzard too? I'll be grateful of you post picture.
And sending Coldplay love from Saudi Arabia. Peace.

Last May there was a twitter Q&A. Chris replied to one about what he likes to do when he has time off with "I like falconry, jousting and looking for suits of armour on eBay. And making up daft answers to questions."
The last part of this gives away that Chris was just having a bit of fun.
He doesn't count falconry as a hobby (or jousting & looking for suits of armour on eBay).