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May 12, 2015 / submitted by Corina, Italy
Q.  Ciao Oracle!
Do you happen to know when Avicii's song Heaven (feat. Chris Martin) will be officially released ? Thank you so much !

Avicii's album, Stories, hasn't been released yet and I haven't heard confirmation of what singles will be taken from it.
The first was The Days (featuring Robbie Williams) but I expect Avicii will announce any release news via his twitter or on his website.

November 19, 2014 / submitted by John, United Kingdom
Q.  Dear Great and Powerful Oracle,

In your opinion, do you think that A Sky Full Of Stars breaks the usual Coldplay musical style? You know, like, it's Coldplay's first try at EDM but they're better off with their usual Alternative Rock . Plus, they say that it's more of an Avicii song than a Coldplay song. So do you personally think that they should write more songs that are EDM or stay with their traditional style. (Note: Chris Martin stated that he feels like he "cheated" the band because he asked Avicii to play the piano instead of him.)

Yes it breaks the norm but I don't think there's anything wrong with stepping into different genres of music. Even though you can hear the Avicii influence, it's still Coldplay.
I'm sure they will experiment again but they have not changed their style, just worked with a new one.

November 3, 2014 / submitted by Jessica, United States of America
Q.  In Coldplay's newest single A Sky Full of Stars, I can't help but to notice the influence of electronic music in the melody. I was wondering if they had inspiration from EDM or if an electronic DJ helped produce the song? I would love to find out - Jessica

Chris always intended for the song to have an EDM feel. This is reflected in the fact Avicii (renowned EDM artist / producer) was involved with the track.

August 19, 2014 / submitted by Luke, United States of America
Q.  Is Avicii in the ASFOS video?

Even though I barely know what Avicii looks like, no, he's not. It's not all that usual for a collaborator to feature in a video unless they're a vocalist (such as Rihanna in Princess of China and Jay Z in Lost+).

May 6, 2014 / submitted by She , Philippines
Q.  Why and how did Coldplay come to a decision of collaborating with Avicii?

Chris is simply a massive fan of Avicii and was really keen to collaborate. That's it really.

April 29, 2014 / submitted by Aji, Indonesia
Q.  What do you think about A Sky Full of Stars? From what I heard It sounds really awesome, it sounds a lot like EDM and it's produced by Avicii. Is this your favorite song out of Ghost Stories album? Or maybe there's another song that's better than ASFOS?
Also due to the fact that True Love produced by Timbaland, do you think it sounds a bit like Hip hop or R&B or not both? Thanks :)

I prefer the word collaboration here because the tracks you mention aren't cut & dried produced by Avicii or Timbaland.
I think I'm right in saying Timbaland contributed to True Love but didn't co-produce it. It's actually one of my favourite songs on the album & as much as I love Timbaland, it is nothing like what you'd expect from his involvement. Unlike ASFOS which leaves us in no doubt; it practically screams 'AVICII'!
I love EDM but this album's subtlety is too sublime to resist. Oceans, O, Midnight, Magic, True Love... I can't decide between them.
I'm not ignoring Always In My Head, Ink, Another's Arms by the way - it's just I'd annoy myself if I don't choose.
Less than 3 weeks to go. Exciting.