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March 19, 2015 / submitted by Maria Isabel, Dominican Republic
Q.  Hey! I was wondering, is there any kind of Coldplay museum or exhibition? If so, where? Thanks :)

We're a long way off having a Coldplay Museum. I think you have to be at Beatles status to achieve the need for one. There isn't enough to fill such a thing.
The band have had a couple of one-off presentations but there is no collection to visit permanently.
A Mylo Xyloto exhibition took place at Proud Galleries, Camden in 2012 and last December (2014) there was a display of Mila Furstova's Ghost Stories artwork at Stolen Space Art Gallery, Shoreditch.
Other than that, occasionally items belonging to the band (clothes or instruments for example) may pop up in museums or as part of a collection so it's worth checking.

January 20, 2015 / submitted by Brooke , Canada
Q.  Hey Oracle!
I was wondering why the Coldplay website got rid of the gallery of Coldplay fan art? it was my favorite thing about the site! I was hoping to put in my own art!
Thanks! love Brooke

That was such a long time ago! Te Exhibition Room opened in 2009 but was only short term while the band were in the studio. It was replaced by the Hypnofeed which came to an end on 25th February 2014.

August 20, 2014 / submitted by Miguel, Mexico
Q.  I have a quick question that came to my mind a second ago :
Is the VIVA logo still painted at The Bakery's wall?

No, it was painted over. Since then, there has been Mylo influenced graffiti (also gone) and currently there are beautiful works of Mila Furstova.

July 8, 2014 / submitted by Cambell, Costa Rica
Q.  Hi. I just love the album art for Ghost Stories created by Mila Furstova. I believe that it really compliments the album and is inspirational. I have read that this website offers a larger digital version of the artwork with the ability of magnify the contents more thoroughly. But I have not been able to find it so I would really appreciate if team oracle could help me. Thanks

Team Oracle is a separate thing. There is one Oracle - me & the Team Oracle refers to any contributors on a Friday.
Anyway, when the new look website was revealed, we had the album's artwork on the landing page. You can find the hi-res image here where you can indeed zoom in to magnify.

March 4, 2014 / submitted by Kalman, United States of America
Q.  Hey Orcale,

I was curious on the inspiration behind the new album cover for Ghost Stories? The single, Magic, seems to share the same original influence as Claude Vonstroke's Urban Animal from last year.


If I'm honest, apart from it being a bird, I don't see any similarity between it and Mila Furstova's delicate artwork.