August 20, 2014 - submitted by Hunter, United States of America

Q. Hi, Oracle.
Many of us know the 1975 hit song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and that it was re-released in 1992. My question for you is do Coldplay have the power to re-release a song they've already put out or is that something that just happens as a song grows more popular on its own? If the case be true, I could see Clocks regain its popularity. What do you think?

The Oracle replies:

No - that's not how it works. Firstly the label decide, not the artist. Secondly, they don't just re-release willy-nilly. Bohemian Rhapsody was actually re-released in 1991 shortly after Freddie Mercury's death.
In these days of downloads, songs can end up charting regardless of a second release.
Popularity can rise for a number of reasons. For example, an online campaign to get Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine to number 1 over an X Factor winner was successful in 2009.
Many of Coldplay's tracks, including Clocks, climbed or re-entered after the Paralympics Closing Ceremony.
Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac was used on a TV advert and re-entered the chart in 2013.

Personally Clocks is one of least favourites so I'd not be particularly thrilled when they have so many more amazing songs that I'd rather hear. That said, I could just pop on the CD.

N.B: I'm talking about UK chart positions.