August 14, 2014 - submitted by Carla N, Peru

Q. Do you believe that everyone has a doppelganger or twin in the world? Because there's a guy in the place I work that look EXACTLY like Jonny.
Thank you for your answer.

The Oracle replies:

I was once in a room where a magazine was being passed around and everyone was pointing at me. I was shown the photo. It was of half a face. Not just any half face, but half a face that matched half of my face. The next page was the other side of their face. Nothing like my other side. Their complete face did not look like my face - just one half.
My cousin saw it & was amazed: "wow, imagine what it would feel like coming face to face with someone who look like you?" She did every day being an identical twin but I know what she means...
I have seen some uncanny resemblances of people. With band doppelgangers, I have only really seen people who look like Chris (not counting his relations). Both James Morrison and Jenson Button are mistaken for him too.