August 13, 2014 - submitted by Carly, Australia

Q. Please smart Oracle let me know the truth my Aunty said bands have to lip sync on Brit tv shows because of expenses. I'm so upset I have seen them perform on the Graham Norton show and no way it looked like it was lip synced! After being at 2 Coldplay concerts I know they don't lip sync plz Oracle I hope I can tell my Aunty she is wrong! Put my heart and stress at ease thanks for all your posts.

The Oracle replies:

You can tell your Aunty that isn't true - not these days. Lip synching isn't that prevalent in 2014 so you've probably never seen Coldplay mime to any vocals (other than their music videos obviously).
There was a time (about 20 odd years ago) when shows like Top of the Pops didn't always have the facility to have bands perform live. In fact, some artists refused to appear unless they performed live.