August 12, 2014 - submitted by Jordan, Australia

Q. Hi oracle, I would like to know what the exact meaning of the song, The Scientist is. In detail please it's for a school assignment.

The Oracle replies:

When I was studying Hamlet at school, I couldn't ask Will Shakespeare for the exact meaning behind lines he wrote. What I'm trying to say it, it's not actually what the exact meaning is that's important; it's what YOU interpret it to be.
I remember when we'd read poetry and English teachers would ask, "what do you think he/she meant by that?" I found it frustrating because surely only the writer knows?
If you can back up your thoughts with evidence from text, that's what counts.
I can tell you it was written when someone they knew was going through a break-up but that's all. The rest is up to you reading meaning in the words - there is no wrong or right.
Chris likes people to draw their own meaning from his lyrics.