August 11, 2014 - submitted by PrincessOfChina, United Kingdom

Q. Hello to Coldplay and all the Coldplayers of the world!
Ok, I have many friends who are fans of Coldplay, one of my dearest friends asked me, "Wouldn't it be great if Coldplay wished every Coldplayer a happy birthday".
Well, my question is:
Would it be possible for Coldplay to send us Coldplayers a HAPPY BIRTHDAY greeting by email when our b-day comes around?
Thank much! Kisses.

The Oracle replies:

Well although it's a nice idea; it's not very practical. To give you an idea why that's not possible I shall illustrate with a statistic.
Imagine... if the band tried to wish everyone who liked the band on facebook a Happy Birthday, we would have to send 36,598,704 salutations out. There's no way they could be individual personal emails. It could only ever be a generic mail and therefore not that special.
That said, "Happy birthday!" everyone.