August 11, 2014 - submitted by Marco, United States of America

Q. Dear Oracle,
Recently I've been seeing posts in twitter where Chris (in an interview) says: "I've always known we needed to make 7 albums... After that, I don't know."
To us, Coldplay fans, that was very shocking and for most, saddening...
Does that mean the ending of Coldplay?

The Oracle replies:

No. Don't take it too literally. The other day (as you mentioned), Chris said "We are now recording LP7, LP's 1-7 will be like a series. I don't know what will happen after LP7". That's all he is saying; nothing more sinister. LP7 isn't done yet so why would they be thinking beyond that right now?
If you've heard Chris talk about albums before you will know that he once said the first three albums felt like a trilogy. Things change as time goes along so there's no need for anyone to be sad.