August 11, 2014 - submitted by Bonnie, United States of America

Q. Does the band go through customs like every else or do they go through a special line? Do they fly on private jets?

The Oracle replies:

Of course! The band aren't "special"; they're just like you and me and have to abide by the same rules.
If they're flying on a privately chartered plane (which can be smaller jets /larger planes) they go through security e.g., shoes off, belts off, bags through X-ray with the same regulations.
We were once travelling late back from Paris after a show and there were gifts from the French label, the venue etc. including a bottle of champagne for Jonny's birthday. Said bottle obviously didn't fit in a small plastic bag (for carry on fluids) so it was confiscated - just as it would be for anyone carrying it through as hand luggage.