August 8, 2014 - submitted by Olivia, United States of America

My mom once told me that once in a person's lifetime they have this one short moment that they remember for the rest of their lives. Do you think this is true? How could one small fragment of time be so important? Olivia. USA.

The Oracle replies:

I hate to disagree with your Mum, Olivia but I cannot pinpoint just one. I have SO many of those moments that I honestly wouldn't know where to start.
I do believe that one fragment of time can be so important - whether it be a life changing decision or a transient occurrence.
It could be a vow made, an achievement gained, a dream fulfilled - something ordinary or something spectacular.
I think the point is that it will mean different things to different people.
Personally I'd find it hard to single one out over another but most of my important / memorable moments do involve the band so let's say that the first time I ever saw them definitely had a life lasting impact on me.
Over to you.

Once in a while there is a special moment in time that you just can't forget. Usually, it's a different situation that includes someone that is important to you or someone that behaves different from usual. Moments like those you remember for a long time just because they aren't normal. It can be something that make you excited too. For example: I wrote for my dad's birthday that I wish my kids will adore me like I adore him and then he started to cry. This moment was just a few seconds but I'm sure that I'll remember it for the rest of my life because my dad never cries. Yuval.

I get why you're questioning what your mother told you. I consider myself to still be fairly young, so I don't have to many of those memorable moments. You can't really create them and they come out of nowhere when you least expect it. Sometimes there good, and sometimes there bad, but either way, they can be a big game changer in your life. This doesn't mean that they have to be complex either. One of my best memories (so far) was meeting one of my dearest and best friends by a chance encounter. Back in eighth grade, I had decorated my math binder with a picture of Coldplay and this girl who I didn't even know just walked up to me and said "You love Coldplay? I do to!" We talked forever and have since bonded over our passion of all things Coldplay. A very simple and short memory, yes, but an important one. I'm sure that when I'm old and grey and surrounded by grandchildren, those short fragments of time will be the ones I treasure most.
Brittany, Gilbertsville PA.

In a way this is true and in a way it is not because I believe that people will have several small moments throughout their lives that will always stick with them. A lot of the time you can't see these moments coming, and they may not be the most obvious things like a first kiss or holding your first child. But sometimes you will suddenly find yourself wrapped up in a quilt of color, shapes, smells, sounds, textures, timing, people, and emotions that are somehow so perfectly knit together that it leaves a permanent impression on your soul. For me, one moment I will never be able to forget was one seemingly insignificant day that I was sat out in my grandparents backyard with my pop doing word puzzles. It probably doesn't sound like much but for some reason when I close my eyes I can relive this moment in its entirety, from the sound of his laughter to the way the warm wind tickled my cheek. Revisiting this ordinary day always warms my heart, especially now that my pop has passed because he lives on in this tiny moment. So what I have realized is that often times it really is the little things that are the most important to us as humans. As cliche as it sounds, it is the truth.
Wishing you a lifetime filled with extraordinary ordinary moments.
Alex, Canada.

Yes, it's true! Such memorable moments are usually the ones that change our lives in some way and make a huge difference to us, and that's why they're so important. People often never forget the moment when they first fall in love for real, or hold a baby for the first time. Sometimes memorable moments happen when we realize something key about ourselves. For example, I'll never forget the moment when I realized I was in a bad personal situation and had the power to get out of it. And I'll never forget seeing Coldplay for the first time! Try keeping a journal where you record important happenings or realizations each day; that will help make them easier to remember. Love, Jill in New York USA

Your mom was absolutely true! People do remember some special things when they've changed their lives or in order to learn a lesson from that event. It happens when they've been hurt badly or they've been really excited, it deals with a strong feeling anyway. It is quite rare, but it really impress them so much they just can't delete that moment from their mind anymore. They can't remove it because they find it important for some reasons, as I said previously. Everybody has its own "important fragment" to keep in its mind forever; sooner or later, it comes to anyone, and it becomes part of one's personality. It may also influence one's future actions and decisions, that's why that fragment is so relevant. Francesca.

I believe that there is one moment that is more important than the rest, but that doesn't mean that every other moment in your life is unimportant. I'm still young, but I've seen many, many important moments in my life. There is still one that sticks out more than the rest, but I believe that the most important in my life is yet to come. Until then, I'm just living the other important moments. Isaiah, USA.

The loud sound and smell of sweat at my first Coldplay concert in 2005 non stop dance and my last one at 2014 non stop dance!
Cheers to Coldplay and more great shows!

If it's significant or out of the ordinary, you will tend to remember it. This doesn't happen once in a lifetime. There are many memorable moments. One memorable moment: Christmas Day 2005 - playing the card game Uno with unknown Aussie and Kiwi tourists whilst sitting on beach chairs, eating cheese and salad sandwiches and listening to Coldplay's X&Y album in the middle of the Great Rift Valley, Kenya. A true story.
Big fan, Trace.

The moment you move closer to understanding your own mortality, you suddenly realize there are many moments over your life etched into your memory as you look back in retrospection.
Some may be defining moments of picking one path over another. Other moments may be opportunities seized, remembrance for losses, and regrets for opportunities you let slip away. As I reflect over my own life, I realized that I spent way too much time living in future tense instead of the present.
If it all possible, don't wait for the moments in your life to happen instead seek them out. See something breathtakingly beautiful, conquer something you are afraid of, eat something that taste really really good why you are doing it, and don't forget to smell the roses along the way. The reason why this is so important is because your memories are your pathway to peace not your assets. Be Well, DH.

For me, it's true. I had this moment in my life that I would never ever forget. It's this moment that I shared with my childhood friend. It was summer, when we went to their place, his aunt is a friend of my aunt. When we met, I don't know but there's just this "spark" between us, it's just like a "click". And then we played together, walked alongside the river, gone fishing (he was the one who taught me how to fish) and shared what we would want to be when we grow up. Evening comes and then morning, he's the one who would wake me up every morning and tell me to play. (I'm a sleepyhead) Everything we did was like a routine in that summer that we've been together. 'Til the day comes when it's time for us to leave (me and my aunt) We bid our goodbyes and that's it. But still, we pass on messages, Yu-Gi-Oh cards (that's what we play) via our aunts. And at those times that we're not together, I realized and felt something for him. And then as days passes by,
summer came again, I'm so excited to meet him again, but when we meet, things we're different, things we're not the same again. I can't look at him directly and he too the same. And we spend the whole summer, avoiding each other. Maybe at that moment, it's that feeling that causes us to act that way towards each other. And as years passes by, we grew up and grew older. And unexpectedly we met again, I thought this time we'll greet each other knowing we're older and that we're mature. But still, it didn't turned that way, we still couldn't look directly at each other, like we did when we were kids, we're still avoiding each other. And now, when I have these times in my life when I reminisce, I kept asking myself a lot of "What Ifs?" for the two of us. But, right now, that moment we had, that short moment we had, I will forever cherish, for once in my life, I experienced that moment - that magic, that I know that only happens once. Maybe someday, somehow, it would happen again, but it would never be the same as it was at that moment. And that would always be the kind of moment that I had that I will always be nostalgic about. Zairah.

I would say without a doubt that your Mum is right, although I never had my 'moment' until I was in my early 30's.
Prior to this, I had amazing moments, such as when my two children were born, and memories that stick with me regardless of how much time passes. But the moment that seems to stay with me, not just in memory but in presence, is going to sound really soppy.. but here goes.
It's a very long and complicated story, but I got to this point when I was standing opposite my one and only (so far) soulmate. He makes eye contact, but I shyly look away. However, our eyes meet, and we look into one another's. I am lost within his soul, and he mine. This was a few years ago now (about 7), but I am still there, whenever I choose to be. Unfortunately, we are not together, and so this memory is very precious to me. Who knows, it may happen again, but if not, I have that with me, and always will.

The moment that I'll always remember is linked to Coldplay.
I'll never forget when I saw them at the Royal Albert Hall in London!
I don't really believe that I was there with them. I think that it was a great idea makes concerts in theaters because we could see them up close and we did't feel the distance between us and them, like happens in stadiums.
We seems like a little group of friends that stay together, it was magical!
It was particularly important for me because I'm Italian and I've always dreamed to visit London and also see one of their concerts.
So I succeeded to realise a little dream!
When I saw them appeared onstage I feel unforgettable emotions that I'll take with me for the rests of my life.
Love, Eleonora.

I think a person's lifetime is made of many memories. Your life is a compilation of stories and memories. There are going to be moments that you will remember for the rest of your life because they have touched and impacted your heart and soul. For each person, it's something quite unique and personal. I think it happens at least once, if not more.
Think back on your life so far, what moments have you remembering something so wonderful that you will never forget how it made you feel.
"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."- Maya Angelou
Our lives are made up of those small fragments of time. Some are just more meaningful than others. At the end of our road in life, we remember those special moments while everything else just fades away.
Find your moments of greatness,
Enjoy your journey, Julie.

I think that's a very hard question because sometimes you don't know which is your memorable moment but that moment could be a worst moment too, I think is true because everybody, everyone have that moment, even the babies, I think that moment in a baby is when they born. That unique moment when you feel infinite when the only that exit is you and that important moment, just imagine, a young boy who has never seen his mother but one day fate unites them and in that moment they see each other for first time and they can't believe it, they are crying of happiness and they a feeling infinite cause they love them each other that could long less than 3 minutes, a small fragment of time but that small fragment of time is so important because you love that person, you love your mother and that moment could mean the whole world for you and that's an example of a small fragment of time when you feel infinite and unique and remember it for the rest of your life.

I'd say you accumulate many uniquely memorable short "moments" that impact you for the rest of your life. For me, there's the moment I gave birth to my daughter and met her face to face for the first time. There are no words for the awe you feel in that moment. The realization of the true power you hold in the ability to create a life renders you entirely speechless.

One single moment can direct our life to a new path or lead it to destruction. In an instant a trigger can be pulled, or a life saved, a kind word encourages, or a cutting remark stings.
An awakening moment, big or small- a time in our life where we make a choice or our reality is profoundly changed by an ordinary or extraordinary experience. You took a chance and never looked back or you regret the day.
A defining moment, when your character is built, when you sweep the streets you used to own. You conquered a fear or surrendered to one.
Yes, one small fragment of time can be remembered for the rest of your life.
"A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us." Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Be Well - Be Blessed - Be Yourself (everyone else is already taken).
Cheers, Dani USA.

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