August 5, 2014 - submitted by Jo, United Kingdom

Q. My ex is the reason I got into Coldplay. He use to play songs in the car. We had a moment together during The Scientist.. one which I don't think I'll ever forget. I now can't listen to Coldplay without thinking of my ex but don't want to stop as I love their music. Any suggestions please?

The Oracle replies:

Don't listen to the song again until you have an opportunity to make a new memory. Not that The Scientist lends itself to this but perhaps you could wear a pink wig and a silly hat and sit in front of a mirror laughing?
Failing that, get some friends around you and listen to it with them while doing something you like or something new.
I used to have a song that reminded me of something sad. Every time I heard it, I would go back to that memory until... my friend sang it on karaoke and from then, it reminds me of that.