July 16, 2014 - submitted by Karolyn, Ecuador

Q. So like two or one weeks ago, I saw on the cover of my local newspaper a picture of Chris so I read the newspaper that day. It says that HBO in July 5 (it already passed) were going to pass a tribute for artist like Lorde and obviously Chris but I really didn't see anything about it on the channel that day and hour or Anchorman talking about it. It really happened?
Here is the link but is in Spanish. Hope you answer me:) Love you so so much?

The Oracle replies:

It's not actually referring to a tribute to Chris et al. Anchorman did report on 1 April that Chris would induct Peter Gabriel into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (on 10 April).

Here's an English site with details of the HBO Special Concert Event that your Spanish paper reported. From what I understand, the channel were showing the show on 5 July.