July 14, 2014 - submitted by Sara, United States of America

Q. Greetings mighty Oracle! A friend and I were talking about which Coldplay song we thought was the most difficult to perform live, and we both thought Midnight would be up there. How exactly does Chris sing with the vocoder effect? Is it a prerecorded track that he sings with or is the vocoder effect done live? We were curious. Nonetheless, it always sounds great live. Thanks for the help!

The Oracle replies:

There was a point when the band did wonder how the heck they were going to play Midnight live. But it is all live - even the vocoder effect. Will plays the Reactable (I have spoken of this a few times so won't go into details again here, but feel free to use the search field to find the posts), Guy plays the laser harp/bass... Actually, you can watch it here.