July 10, 2014 - submitted by Pedro, Peru

Q. Hi Oracle!

When was the first time that Coldplay performed in Glastonbury? Who was more excited about it?

The Oracle replies:

The band's debut Glastonbury appearance was first on, Sunday 27 June on the John Peel Stage. They were all nervous and excited even though they had a panic situation before they performed.
Jonny: "Our tour manager, Jeff Dray, dropped us off at the wrong site entrance 10 minutes before we were due on stage.
Although the 2 mile run banished our first Glastonbury nerves, I did get a cramp halfway through the set."

Here's the hand-written proposed set list.
It was sunny and therefore Only Superstition was the closer.

The following year, the band played the Other Stage on Saturday 24 June after Toploader and before David Gray. Two years later, they headlined the Pyramid Stage on the Friday night.