July 9, 2014 - submitted by Danny, United Kingdom

Q. Hi Oracle,

I have just seen your question regarding the fan upgrades at the RAH, luckily me and my friends were lucky enough to have been picked by Dick on the first night, could you please tell him a HUGE thanks from us! Moving onto the question what do these incredible people such as Dick and all of the crew/production team do when the band aren't doing any shows/tours, do they have any influence in the studio?


Danny! :)

The Oracle replies:

I'm not sure it was Dick that upgraded you on the first night (he may have) as Dan was there. It was most likely one of them.
Neither are studio personnel, no. Dan is the band's trainer and Dick is married to the band's wonderful production assistant. I asked to do it at the Emirates but realized it's only possible at seated venues.
Some crew work with the band in the studio, some go on tour with other bands and some take time off. It depends.
I'll be honest, none of the crew have any real influence in the studio - that's down to the band & Phil. Apart from the time Matt McGinn gave some input to Square One.