July 8, 2014 - submitted by Lestyn, United Kingdom

Q. Hey Oracle!
I was at the the RAH on the 2nd of July, me and my friend sat in our circle seats when a mysterious man came out of nowhere and told us that the band had bought a load of front row tickets and were giving them to hardcore fans. Me and my friend were almost in tears so my question is: who is this man and how can I contact him and thank him?
Thank You!

The Oracle replies:

As you are (now) aware, the band buy up tickets for the first couple of rows - it's been happening for years. Before the show, a member of the crew or touring party (trainer Dan, family/friends) hunt down die-hard fans and "upgrade" their nosebleed seats to front rows.
At the RAH, the man in question is called Dick and he is a lovely Irish gent.
I shall pass on your thanks to him.