July 2, 2014 - submitted by Carol, Brazil

Q. Dear Oracle,
Tonight's show is really amazing!
Jonny just sang Don't Panic! What was that! So good! I'm so happy here... so far away...
Now they're playing Everything's Not Lost, I love this song.
Wish I was there.
Were you at the gig?


The Oracle replies:

You were all there in spirit!
I'll let you into a little secret. Don't Panic and Everything's Not Lost were only added to the set list during soundcheck. Chris said he wanted to play some older songs and asked me which one(s). I said that Sparks would sound great in the Royal Albert Hall but Guy said it was too downbeat. Keith Wozencroft (who used to work at the band's label and essentially signed them to Parlophone) chose Everything's Not Lost. Don't Panic was a popular choice so they ran through them. Chris had some trouble remembering how to play Everything's Not Lost - Will guided him through. Chris also struggled with the lyrics but Phil came to the rescue getting the lyrics via his phone (I hope he used this site to get them from our Recordings section!) Only one run through and it was gig ready. Amazing to hear that song after so long.