June 30, 2014 - submitted by Lidia, Australia

Q. Hi Oracle
I love the new album GS, please tell Coldplay to never stop making music!
At first I thought A Sky Full of Stars was about a person you love, what you think & feel for them but now I'm starting to think it's actually directed to God. Do you know if this was Chris' intention when he wrote the song?
Thanks Oracle, I love reading all the Q&A's!

The Oracle replies:

It's not directed to God - the mention of heaven has nothing to do with religion.
Following on from last week's question about Kevin Cordsaco, his father Kevin posted the following on facebook after speaking with Chris prior to a recent Coldplay show.
"He (Chris) went on and told us that a part of the album was inspired by Kevin, specifically the song, A Sky Full Of Stars!

The last song of the night was A Sky Full of Stars. Listen to the words..'Cause you're a sky full of stars. Cause you get lighter the more it gets dark. Cause in a sky filled with stars. I wanna give you my heart. I think I saw you. Such a heavenly view, I think I see you.'"