June 18, 2014 - submitted by Millie, United Kingdom

Q. Hello Oracle,
I recently brought the life in technicolour T-shirt from the Coldplay store. When it arrived, I noticed 'technicolour' was spelt the American way. I felt a bit disappointed that Coldplay are a British band so I thought they merchandise would be 100% British. I was wondering if you knew the reason for this? Thank you.

The Oracle replies:

I remember answering a similar question about this before. I checked. January 2009! (I just typed technicolor into the search field).
Now, the film industry or the movie business is synonymous with Hollywood. Anyone bringing out anything motion picture related would generally spell it the American way. Even the the first process of this kind invented in Britain went for an American spelling (Kinemacolor). It's just the way it is and so the word technicolor doesn't have a u.
You can spell it either way but we're in good company with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.