June 12, 2014 - submitted by Sue, United States of America

Q. When MX was out, I read that the band had enough songs left over for another album. Are any of those songs on Ghost Stories? If not, what happens to them?

The Oracle replies:

No. I'm pretty sure that none of Coldplay's albums feature a left over track from a previous album.
They may write a new song on the road and perform it but the song rarely makes the next record - Gravity, Ladder to the Sun, Spanish Rain / Don Quixote, Wedding Bells etc. One obvious exception is In My Place that was written while touring Parachutes and ended up on AROBTTH.
Songs aren't thrown away per se and there will be demo versions at least but that doesn't mean we will ever hear them. The band do sometimes go back to lyrics, hooks and elements that they liked and pick them up again for something new.