June 4, 2014 - submitted by Teresa, India

Q. Hello Oracle!

This is a question about the very interesting new instrument that the band used at the iTunes festival, the Reactable. I'm curious to know how it actually works! From what I've read it involves moving blocks around a table, but wasn't Guy playing it more by moving his hands in the lasers that were coming off the table? Would you be able to explain how it works in simpler terms? Whatever it is, it makes for such a cool performance!

Thanks for your time! Love from India, as always.

The Oracle replies:

What Will and Guy are playing are two different things. Will is using the Reactable and Guy is playing a laser harp to create bass sounds.
The Reactable works by moving blocks (Generators, Effects and Filters, Controllers and Global Controllers) around the table screen. It's not quite as simple as that and perhaps their online manual will explain better.