May 28, 2014 - submitted by Brian, United States of America

Q. Hello Oracle,

There are many, many Targets stores around my area and I was glad to see some Coldplay swag in the stores today, promoting the new album! CD/album, same thing nowadays right? Anyways, I noticed the BIG sign with a picture of the band above the new "CD" and asked an employee what happens to the sign when they take it down. They said they get thrown out. I asked if I could have it but they said, "No, Coldplay won't let us. It would be copyright infringement for us to give it away so we just rip it up and throw it in the barrel." REALLY?! I love to collect items related to the band and this thing deserves to be in someones collection for many, many years! Is there any way to get one even if I have to buy it?? I called literally 10 Targets and they all said they throw them out, that they cannot give them away.
Thank you!

The Oracle replies:

If someone has told them they can't give it away, it wasn't Coldplay. Maybe the label have a say but it definitely has nothing to do with the band.
What a shame if this is the modern day protocol. In my day, record shops were happy to give them away on a first come, first served basis.
We don't have any - it's not merch, it's promotional material, so not for sale.