May 21, 2014 - submitted by Janie, United Kingdom

Q. Hi Oracle! I think it was on the BBCR1 interview with Zane Lowe, Chris described Ghost Stories as '42 minutes on an emotional treadmill'. I was just wondering whether there was a significance in making the album 42 minutes long? I know that Coldplay have a song called 42 from the VLV era so perhaps 42 is a significant number to the band? or perhaps it's just a coincidence? (it's my favourite number by the way!)

Thank you! :D

The Oracle replies:

There is a significance. That number is important to the band and has appeared before as you said - the song 42 and Roadie #42.
Also if you look historically, AROBTTH and X&Y were the only two albums that strayed quite far away from 42 minutes in length:
Parachutes 41'44
Viva 45'39
Mylo 44'09
GS 42'37