May 8, 2014 - submitted by Raphael, Australia

Q. Dear Oracle,
I would like to start an official Coldplay Fan club. The concept would be to ask a yearly fee which would cover costs of special fan release, give access to pre release Tickets and would send some goods for Christmas or any other occasion. Coldplay used to have an official community and today there are several community on the web.
What about creating an 'official' community?

Thank you

The Oracle replies:

Thanks, Raphael but the answer will have to be "no". Coldplay used to have a fan club in the early days but it was closed back in 2001. The band do not wish to have one. They feel that fans pay out enough money for music, tickets & merch without having anything else.
This is why we have the mailing list - by signing up, fans receive a newsletter. We have competition giveaways too as well as exclusive tour news etc.