April 21, 2014 - submitted by Charles, Australia

Q. Hello, I'm due to arrive in Heathrow, London on the July 1 at 6.10pm. I know this is quite a specific question but do you believe I could make it to the Royal Albert Hall in time for the Coldplay show that night if I choose to buy a ticket?

The Oracle replies:

That's what we call putting the cart before the horse, Charles. Tickets haven't gone on sale yet...
There are so many issues you'll be dependent on.
If you land on time, the plane still has to taxi to its stand, passengers need to disembark and depending on what terminal and gate you arrive at, you will still have to walk a while, go through passport control / immigration and collect luggage from the baggage carousel - assuming you'll have some. If you have a good run with no delay, I think this would take 60-90 minutes at the very least.
You will then have to contend with whatever mode of transportation you choose to get to Central London.
The fastest way is the Heathrow Express (every 15 minutes). It takes 15 minutes to get to Paddington. From there you will have to transfer. Depending on whether you cab or tube - the fastest way would be by tube - you're looking at another 20-30 minutes to the RAH.
Don't forget to allow time to walk in between from terminal to stops, station, venue etc. plus entry to the venue and leaving items in the cloakroom.
I haven't got the onstage times but a typical show would see Coldplay taking to the stage at approximately 9pm.
Therefore in answer to your as yet somewhat hypothetical question, you'd be cutting it fine but actually may make it. I wouldn't like to bet on you catching the start though.
ps Even if you "choose" to buy a ticket, you may not be lucky enough to get one. My very specific plan to buy tickets for Kate Bush (playing 22 shows) ended in disappointment.

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