April 17, 2014 - submitted by Anna Maria, Thailand

Q. This may seem a bit odd, but every time I listen to Katy Perry's song Roar, especially in the first verse, all I can hear is Hurts Like Heaven. I think the bass line or the chord progression or something must be similar, do you agree? All my friends think I'm an over-obsessed weirdo for noticing this, but I'd rather be obsessed with a good band than the stuff they listen to (not mentioning any names...)

The Oracle replies:

I actually do disagree, Anna-Marie. The first time I heard Roar in August of last year, I thought of American Authors' Best Day Of My Life which was released in March 2013.
The rest of the world noticed its similarity to a song that Katy openly loves by her friend Sara Bareilles - Brave, released in April 2013.
Whether inspired by or paying homage to Brave, Roar is a great piece of pop.
You can even sing Jay Z's Empire State of Mind over the top if you want to. Lots of songs bear resemblances to others but it's not always deliberate - there isn't an infinite supply of musical notes, chords and riffs to make a song.