April 9, 2014 - submitted by Mike, United Kingdom

Q. Is being 23 too old to be serious about starting a band? I've wanted to for years and after jamming with my mate recently feel as if it's now or never. However, I'm also at the age where I need to be looking for a proper career etc and think it's a bit silly to try to set up a band now.

I know most bands start at college or uni much younger, plus I wouldn't know where to start in terms of organising gigs and getting the right equipment

Many thanks

The Oracle replies:

There is no age limit to starting a band. Anyone can be in a band but if you're talking about making it - it sounds like that's your goal - I won't lie, it's diminished the odds somewhat. Odds can be defied though and plenty have.
Maybe change the goalposts. You can be in a band for fun you know. It doesn't have to result in a record deal.
As for not knowing how to book gigs etc. nobody is born knowing. It's part of the learning process and - to put it bluntly - you'd have to get off your backside and be proactive. Don't expect it all to be done for you as trust me, if you do make it, it will be all the sweeter for the efforts you put in to come to fruition.