April 7, 2014 - submitted by Megan, United States of America

Q. Hello Oraccle!

What prompted the band to divert back to their original acoustic roots when making the new album? Coldplay is a band whose always been known for being "set apart" from other bands with their musical style. Why did they decide to go back rather than forward?

The Oracle replies:

I don't see it as going back. Their debut album, Parachutes, was a very beautiful, simple piece of work but it didn't necessary define the band's future. They have managed to create 6 diverse albums with the common key factor - great songs. The styles have been different without losing the essence of what makes Coldplay, Coldplay.
After Viva the band had intended to make a more acoustic album. Obviously you can hear from the end result that Mylo Xyloto took a different direction.