April 7, 2014 - submitted by Roger, Netherlands

Q. Hey O!
I really want to go to the Pinkpop festival, but most of my friends don't have the time/money to go. My question is, is it weird to go to a festival on your own? Have you ever done it?


The Oracle replies:

Who defines what is weird and what is not? I've travelled to New York, L.A, Paris & many other places on my own. I have also been on holiday alone several times.
There was one occasion where I went to Coachella for the day. I knew people once I got there but I'd travelled solo and wandered around exploring before I met anyone. I'd say a festival is the perfect place to go on your own because once you get there you will be surrounded by like-minded people all there for the same reason - to enjoy live music. I'm sure you will have a great time and make friends. The only thing I would strongly advise is that you take extra special care with your personal safety and the security of your personal possessions.