March 12, 2014 - submitted by Tyler, United States of America

Q. Hello there Oracle,

I bet you'll be getting this question a lot in the next few days: I just finished watching Coldplay perform for the iTunes Festival. When they finished with Midnight, was Guy... playing the lasers? Or perhaps he did not have a musical part and so decided to add to the theatrics of the show?

Thank you much.

The Oracle replies:

That wasn't simply a case of great timed choreography; the lasers were Guy's musical part. You could see how the lasers and Guy's movements were in synch perfectly.
I predicted last night to Anchorman that it would be today's most asked question. It was - with another that I will get around to answering - and you were the first to ask it, sir.
If you saw Phil's tweet yesterday about "new toys", here is what that is.