March 11, 2014 - submitted by Catarina M, Portugal

Q. I was rewatching the Live 2012 and I wanted to ask something, the group played football and I would like to know in which stadium/country they played if it's possible :) Thanks!

The Oracle replies:

In the Live 2012 DVD the band are just kicking a ball about. As they always have a ball with them they will have played various ball games in most countries / stadiums. Coldplay band & crew members play quite a bit of football when they're on tour. They even have their own football shirts.
Over the years they have played friendlies (taken seriously!) against professionals as well as a team led by Robbie Williams in 2005 for example. In 2010 during the Viva tour in Sao Paulo, the band played a game with Corinthians players, including the legendary Ronaldo.
They also play cricket and table tennis, the latter getting very competitive.