February 20, 2014 - submitted by Jason, United States of America

Q. Hello powerful Oracle.

I hear a lot about Coldplay's mysterious 5th member and wonder what exactly he's responsible for at shows. Is he in charge of triggering tracks and click? Does he play keys? I must know. It's killing me. A lot.

The Oracle replies:

There is nothing mysterious about our 5th member. He is openly named in fact.
Phil Harvey has a creative role, not a performing one.
The band's facebook page says:

The people:

Jonny Buckland
The wise one who plays guitar

Will Champion
The frightening one who plays drums

Guy Berryman
The very handsome one who plays bass

Chris Martin
The other one, who sings

And don't forget

Phil Harvey
The wise, handsome, frightening one who tells us what to do