February 19, 2014 - submitted by Zeke, United States of America

Q. Talk is probably one of the best songs on X&Y if not of Coldplay, but surprisingly doesn't rank as high as expected on Rolling Stone top 100 list. I saw the composers on the album info and among them were some names I didn't recognize (is Ralf Hutter German?) How exactly did you go about writing this song and how did these other entities add to the song?

The Oracle replies:

Ralf Hutter is German as is his band Kraftwek whose song Computer Love is where Talk takes its hook from.
Kraftwerk's Ralf Hutter, Karl Bartos & Emil Schult wrote Computer Love and that's why they're credited as writers on Talk.
Three versions of the song exist and it proved a difficult song to get right. I'm taking some credit for the song making it on to X&Y because it was initially left off. After hearing the proposed finished version of the album, I said that Talk should be on it. The next time I saw Chris he was off to New York to mix the track.