February 12, 2014 - submitted by Buffi, United States of America

Q. Dearest Oracle,

I have a follow up question to the one submitted recently about Chris not knowing how to read sheet music. If he can't read it, I'm assuming he also doesn't know how to write it out. If that's the case, how does the sheet music for their songs get written down to be sold in piano books and guitar tabs?

Does someone else in the band write out the sheet music after the song is developed, or perhaps one of the techs? I'm very curious about this, so please, please write back.

Thanks, and lots of love!

The Oracle replies:

That's not generally a task for the writer these days or any band / crew member.
In days gone by it may have been but labels and publishers have long since had people who do that.
Also in this modern age of amazing, wondrous technology there's software that can translate music into transcripts of scores etc.