January 29, 2014 - submitted by Michael, United States of America

Q. Hey, so I was listening to Chris' interview with Howard Stern and he joking came up with a song called Play the Game by Howard's request. Now, that song was good and I could see millions of people liking it if Chris developed it more. So my question is why doesn't the band release more b-side songs that their true fans would absolutely love? I would love to know so please get back to me.

Have a good one.

The Oracle replies:

Quality control, Michael! Are you SURE you think that was good? Chris was just mucking about. I'll be honest & say I disagree. Chris is more than capable of writing brilliant songs so I'm hoping he leaves those fun / off the cuff ones where they are.
Now... B-Sides on the whole are on the decline due to the practical non-existence of the physical single. Coldplay aren't the only band not to have a plethora of B-sides from their most recent album. It's just a sign of the times but hopefully we will see more of them again in the future.