January 27, 2014 - submitted by Varsha , India

Q. For the past two years I've had a crush on a guy, who (if I consider his personality would be the last person I'd prefer ending up with). I just can't get him over my head nor think of anyone else. He's the first crush I've ever had.
I keep on daydreaming that one day he'll ask me out for a date and things like that. Am I really stupid? Please advise.

The Oracle replies:

Attraction is a funny thing. They do say opposites attract. We can find ourselves drawn to someone who annoys us or as you say is everything you'd prefer not to have in a partner. Who can say for sure what it is about someone. It may be chemical (pheromones), physical (appearance) or spiritual (auras) not to mention good old astrological signs. Whatever it is, ask yourself what would you say if he did ask you out? Would you say "yes"? If so, ask him out!
You could be missing out on finding out why you have a crush - he may not be what he seems so perhaps don't judge him. Get to know him better and you may see a different side to him.