January 23, 2014 - submitted by Chloe C, United States of America

Q. My school has a talent show every year (as most do) and I have a terrible predicament on the topic. I don't know whether I should cover or write a song. The main reason I would want to write a song would be to try to let my crush know how I feel in a really sweet and cute way, where covering a song wouldn't draw out the same emotion. However, covering a song would probably be easier and slightly more impressive as I would play it on the piano and sing instead of just strumming chords on a guitar and singing. What should I do?

The Oracle replies:

If you want to make it easier - because of nerves, time or whatever - try finding a song that says what you would say to the person you like. Love is a universal feeling so there very well could be the perfect song already out there.
If you are talented enough to write songs then I would say that is far more impressive than covering a song. Write it!