January 22, 2014 - submitted by SaakshiPuri , twitter

Q. Via @SaakshiPuri on twitter:

What according to you is a day well spent?

The Oracle replies:

Productivity! If I get to the end of a day and feel it was wasted, I get a wee bit cross. I like to think that something has been accomplished - whether that is a work or personal project.
There are weekend days or days off that I really want to do nothing more than lounge around and watch a film. Life is for living so as long as I get something out of my day, I'm happy.
If I spend it doing something, that makes me feel a sense of achievement.
I'm sure some would say a day well spent is one doing fun things with people you love. There's room for that too - that still leaves me satisfied.
That's my key to a day well spent.