January 15, 2014 - submitted by Matthew, United Kingdom

Q. Hi there, I was wondering how to go about getting a valuation of the Safety EP. My copy is signed by the band members and contains a message from Chris that reads 'Dear Matt thanks for hanging wid us, lots of love Chris' (I did my work experience with the band in July 2000). I have never considered selling it but am struggling to pay my way through a second university degree. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

The Oracle replies:

You can get it valued by an auctioneer but it's likely the CD is valued at £1000 and the note probably at £500. Anyone who has sold a copy on eBay has benefited from starting at 99p with no reserve. Those that start higher with reserve, don't get half as much as it could fetch.

NB: Just adding a note because I know there's part of this Q that will spark a question that I already get asked. No, the band do not offer work experience placements. This was back in 2000 and hasn't happened since, nor will it. Sorry!