January 13, 2014 - submitted by Jilly, United States of America

Q. Once again not a question but a comment about Teresa from India's message about Guy, keyboards, and Speed of Sound. She may have been watching this video of Coldplay's performance on VH1 Storytellers during the X&Y era. It does feature Guy on piano which, Chris says, was "a rock and roll first." And a mighty fine job he did. Thanks and love, Oracle!

The Oracle replies:

Nope, Teresa was talking about the official video. In fact, she replied:

Thanks for clearing up that Speed of Sound gaff Oracle! That was clearly my bad. I'll have to join you in detention then. I'm still confused by the shots at 0:34 and 0:59 though..is THAT Guy playing a second set of keys or do I really need new glasses? :) Sorry for the nagging questions! It truly is one of their best videos.

Teresa, if you're reading this, maybe time for new glasses...