January 10, 2014 - submitted by The Oracle, United Kingdom


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After previously having a long distant relationship (to some success) for 3 years I've always been extra cautious about falling in love again and forced myself not to get too close to someone to avoid the pain should, most likely, things come to an end. Last year many great things happened including meeting a new girl in the last quarter, who for the first time in over two years I felt I could actually get close to. The problems were, although she's from my hometown she lives currently at the other end of the country on her work-placement year until April, after that she'll return to uni for another year, 3 hours away from me. Her Dad died when she was just 6 & she was once pregnant with her ex, he ran away & she lost the baby during her pregnancy. Traumatising experiences for anyone and she still hadn't recovered emotionally from the latter. She's still emotionally attached to her ex & what they once had.. Even though he wants nothing to do with her and it has an effect on us. It seems to stand in the way of us moving forward or together & my friends and family recommend I give up on her as I'm "wasting my time" & that things shouldn't be this hard at the start of a relationship. I fear she, like I once was, is scared to get closer as she's been hurt badly from a past relationship and clearly still has love for her ex. Yet when we're together things are great. There's just too much time apart during the week & too much time for her to think about it all when she's alone. What do I do? Do I listen to the people who care the most about me? What would you do? Continue or accept that maybe it just isn't right & maybe wont work out? Luke, U.K.

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