November 5, 2013 - submitted by Sarah, United States of America

Q. Hi Oracle,
My roomate sprays her perfume ALL THE TIME. She puts it on about every hour and sprays WAY to much. It makes the room smell so bad all the time, I can hardly even breath. What should I do? Thanks!

The Oracle replies:

Is it definitely perfume? I hope it's not that appetite suppressing room spray...

Maybe she does it because she thinks your shared home stinks, so if you prefer to assume she's spraying it to mask other smells, get some scented candles or joss sticks to give the place a nice fragrance.
If nothing else, it may start an odour conversation.
Alternatively, why don't you ask what it is and then say, "I thought so, that doesn't agree with me"
Followed by, "do you mind me asking why you put perfume on so regularly?" It may be that she thinks it's worn off so this way if she says that, you can tell her it doesn't.
Whatever her reason, gently suggest that given you share your living space she restricts her spraying as it's aggravating your chest/nostrils and affecting your breathing.