October 31, 2013 - submitted by Anna, United States of America

Q. Greetings mighty Oracle
Can you tell me why the Don't Panic single was never... popular I guess? Eg. it's not on the website.
Can you tell me about Without Parachutes? Is Harmless the only new song on it? When was it released? All that.

The Oracle replies:

Don't Panic was not a single; it was released in a few territories only so it doesn't count on our discography. There are a few other select releases missing in that respect.
Without Parachutes isn't on our discography either because it's unofficial, unauthorized - call it what you will - and has no rights to have an unreleased song on it at all. Harmless is not "new", it was a demo that was leaked from recording sessions around 2001/2. It was discarded and never released on any album, single, E.P etc.