October 30, 2013 - submitted by Kerry, United States of America

Q. Dear Oracle,
As much as I hate people who ask questions that aren't about the band, I feel the need to become one of them.
How do you tell your girlfriend that you hate her perfume? I don't consider this issue big enough for a break up, but I can't keep smelling that awful stuff every time I'm with her. Even if you don't choose to answer this, I at least hope I made you smile with my ridiculous problem.

The Oracle replies:

I have to confess my initial reaction was to laugh! However, now I'm thinking how terrible that situation would be.
I have three suggestions.
1. Tell her. Obviously don't hurt her feelings but gently explain how you feel. I don't think she'd want to wear something you hate.
2. Sneeze a lot and claim you're allergic to it.
3. Buy her a new scent that you like & think she will too. If you decide to tell her why, that's up to you.

Have a think, if this was the other way around, how would you like her to approach the subject. Don't assume she will be happy about it though - it's all about your delivery of this news.

p.s No need to hate people who ask non-band related questions - we encourage that.