October 29, 2013 - submitted by Matt P, United Kingdom

Q. Hello Mighty Oracle,

I know it's been mentioned on here before that Coldplay only played a handful of shows before they were signed, but how many completed songs did they have at that point, and did any of them make it onto an album? Thank you so much!

The Oracle replies:

The total number of songs depends on whether the band were counting discarded songs. Their set list was short and as you may know, they had so few songs to perform live at their first shows that they would sometimes play a song twice.
The Safety EP consisted of 3 songs and they followed that up with a tape of 2 (Ode to Deodorant and Brothers & Sisters) but there was another cassette before these demos existed that contained about 5 other tracks.
They didn't play all of these live but of those 10, only 2 made it on to an album; Don't Panic and High Speed were both on Parachutes.
There may have been more songs that were never recorded but to my knowledge, this is their repertoire circa 1998.