October 23, 2013 - submitted by Forrest, United States of America

Q. Ok so I went and listened to Brian Eno's track An Ending (Ascent) that you posted and it sounds exactly like the music that was playing in a World War II museum I went to in New Orleans. Was it? There was this room that was showing footage of the atom bombs the U.S. dropped on Japan and I remember music playing that was so moving for the terrible things on screen. Was it this song??

The Oracle replies:

I've never been so I don't know! Have you called the museum and asked?
I was at Disney when I was younger and wanted to track down a piece of music I heard in the Epcot Centre but nobody knew, so they may not be able to answer you. Shame they didn't have app like Shazam, it would have saved me years of searching.
Anyway, An Ending (Ascent) was taken from the album Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks, I suggest you listen to that in case it's on there. You never know, it could be what you're looking for.
As an aside, the music was also used on the film For All Mankind that I have mentioned previously.