October 16, 2013 - submitted by Lara, Netherlands

Q. Hello :3
I was just thinking about buying something from the Coldplay store, but I cant find how much the shipping cost ;o And because I'm from Holland, maybe that will be very expensive, so do you know where I can find that?
Thanks already

The Oracle replies:

To give you a rough idea, if I chose to buy a cap, the shipping to the U.K would be £3.
There are quite a few steps before the payment page so rather than look at the shipping costs in the HELP section of the shop, all you need to do is select what you'd like to buy and follow all the instructions on the screen.

When you click checkout you'll have to sign in or as a new customer enter your name and address. Click "next step" to see a summary. Below the summary is the option to select (from a drop down box) your shipping option.
Click "next step" to calculate your total which will show on the following payment page. Until you enter credit card details, you haven't bought anything so don't be afraid to try it.