October 10, 2013 - submitted by Miranda, United States of America

Q. I find it particularly endearing that you and Anchorman use Ha ha instead of Lol that so many World Wide Web users tend to use. My question is, will you second guess your use after having it pointed out to you or will you continue using ha ha without remembering my pointing it out to you? Or finally, will it stick in your mind that I asked but not cause you to second guess the style?

The Oracle replies:

I have a confession, Miranda. I hope it doesn't offend and I can only speak for myself.
I absolutely abhor text speak. It's my top pet peeve. In my opinion it should be banned or at the very least reserved solely for use by teenagers or younger. The only thing worse than adults texting these abominations is hearing them saying them as words in actual speech.
I have never used lol, lmao, rofl in any way. Lol should only ever mean lots of love to my generation.
I don't respond well to these text / online abbreviations because if you can't fit it into a text or tweet, it's probably too long.
That said, as a Prince fan I have been partial to using 2 for to and u for you in the past.
I must be really old because I also get quite prickly when I see band names such as MS MR et al. I'm not so much bothered by MGMT because at least they had to change their name because The Management already existed.
To (finally) answer your question, it isn't deliberate so much as a natural way for me to write it. Ha ha is an actual laugh out loud so I feel no need to "shorten" it - not that I ever will.
Thanks, Miranda, I feel so much better for getting that off my chest. I wonder if Anchorman feels the same...