August 22, 2013 - submitted by Harry, United Kingdom

Q. Dear Oracle,

I don't expect to be the only person to ask you about exam results (GCSEs are released on Thursday) but I'd still like some help. I don't know if I'll still be motivated to work as hard as I need to after I have my results, so my question is how can I make sure that I am still motivated?

Thanks very much and good luck to anyone else who is getting results,

P.S The thought of Atlas is taking my mind off of results day :)

The Oracle replies:

The day is here, Harry. This question was a little bit like putting the cart before the horse. It's a "what if?" scenario.
If your grades are good that could motivate you to keep on working hard to get where you want.
If your grades aren't as good as you hope, use that to motivate you to work harder.
I can't really help specifically as I have no idea what goal you are trying to achieve but I believe an education is very important.
If you're struggling to get enthused about studying, try to imagine yourself in the future without all the things you wanted for yourself. School is such an important yet short part of your life, give it all you can and do the best you are able then you can go forward with knowledge and maybe a qualification or two. It may be the key to your success so don't give up.
I haven't necessarily needed the qualifications I have for employment but it has certainly appeased me to have those - to fall back on if nothing else. I did return to study later in life (home learning as well as part-time night school) and you're never too old to learn. I'd like to think we learn our entire life so I'd say try to keep at it.
Here's a message to everyone getting results today:
Please don't worry if you didn't gain the grades you wanted or needed; there is still a big bright future awaiting!